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28, August 2018 Learning skills
How to integrate EdTech in the classroom to improve the quality of teaching
EdTech can improve the quality of teaching, but first it’s very important to understand the best way to integrate it in the classroom.
10, August 2018 Learning skills
Developing Memory skills with Education Technologies
EdTech tools can be a fundamental support for pupils to develop their memory skills. Find out how teachers can improve their mnemonics methods!
07, August 2018 Resources
AppsEvents Suite Tips - Using an Acer Chromebook offline
Are you leaving for a trip, maybe by plane or train? Here there are some tips from AppsEvents about how to get the most out of an Acer Chromebook even when it's offline.
26, July 2018 Education Trends
The blended learning approach: how it works
Blended Learning is a new teaching approach, that allows teachers to merge their traditional methods with the education technologies, so as to shape the classroom of the future.
25, July 2018 Success Stories
How Acer is boosting OBS De Opslach digital transformation process
With a video showing the evolution of education, students from OBS De Opslach Primary School (NL) won 30 Acer laptops, extremely needed to improve their learning experience.
19, July 2018 Education Trends
How to bring out each student’s skills through personalized learning
Personalized learning is a more effective teaching method than the traditional "one size fits all education", that can really enhance any students' skill.

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