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09, November 2018 Learning skills
The importance of fostering Social-Emotional Learning
Social-Emotional Learning isn't just for preparing students to become good professionals in their future: it's aimed at preparing them to become excellent human being.
08, November 2018 Success Stories
Innovating the teaching experience: the Arula School success story
This is exactly what happened in the Arula School, thanks to Acer TravelMate Spin B118: teachers provided  an engaging learning experience to their students.
05, November 2018 Resources
AppsEvents Suite Tips - How to use Google Drive on a Chromebook Tab10 when offline
In the latest Tips and Tricks episode from AppsEvents you can discover how to enable offline access for all the Google Drive documents on an Acer Chromebook laptop or Tab10.
29, October 2018 Learning skills
Increasing students’ engagement through Education Technology
EdTech is making the learning process more engaging, offering to students a completely new classroom experience.
27, October 2018 Success Stories
Using technology to enhance 21st Century teaching and learning in Curro Schools
Thanks to Office 365 Suite and its main apps, Curro Schools in South Africa are creating a digital learning environment to enhance 21st Century teaching and learning approaches.
26, October 2018 Success Stories
How Al Salam Private School is fostering digitalization through Acer Chromebooks and Google Suite
Discover how Acer Chromebooks Spin 11 - along with Google Suite for Education - resulted to be the best solution for Al Salam Private School to realize a profound digital transformation.

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