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11, January 2019 Education Trends
What will be the Education Technology Trends for 2019?
How EdTech is going to change in the next months? Let's discover the trends for Education Technology in 2019!
09, January 2019 Success Stories
How Acer Chromebooks revolutionised the teaching and learning potential at Handcross Park School
In our latest success story, from Handcross Park School in UK, you can discover how Acer Chromebooks have completely overturned the teaching approach in this school.
18, December 2018 Learning skills
Technology can give a fundamental boost to visual literacy development
In the digital era, most of the information shared everyday are images or video. So visual literacy skills are always more required to learn how to process visual info correctly.
14, December 2018 Resources
AppsEvents Suite Tips - Leveraging the power of Google Drawings
In the latest Tips and Tricks episode from AppsEvents you can discover how to create amazing vector illustrations with Google Drawings.
12, December 2018 Learning skills
The Importance of Technology to Foster Teacher Collaboration
EdTech does not impact only students: also teachers can be more connected than ever, and above all definitely improve the team working.
06, December 2018 Education Trends
How Mobile devices positively impact on learning process
Mobile devices are really widespread among the youngest, so teachers should exploit them to offer their students a classroom experience closer to the real world.

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