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10, April 2017 Success Stories
Pioneering the use of Acer Chromebooks in Wheatley Park School, UK
Thanks to a team of teachers with a genuine passion for implementing technology in the classroom, Wheatley Park School can be considered a pioneer in using Google Suite and Acer-Chrome based devices in education.
02, April 2017 Learning skills
How digital tools increase learning skills for autistic students
Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder are visual learners, so technology can play a fundamental role in their learning process. Here are some digital tools that teachers and educators can use to reach them in a better way.
29, March 2017 Education Trends
Fun tech and gamification: how to introduce them at school
Fun tech and gamification motivate students while maximizing their engagement at school.
15, March 2017 Education Trends
How education technology sharpens key skills for students’ future
Students need the right skills to operate in a society based on technology, which enters the educational context.
24, February 2017 Success Stories
Acer Chrome-based devices at Glostrup School, Denmark
Acer Chrome-based devices represent the newest way to improve communication and collaboration inside classrooms. Choosing to install 26 Acer All-in-one PCs, Glostrup School has inaugurated the First Danish Google Classroom.
22, February 2017 Education Trends
Generation Z: what is the future of classrooms?
Generation Z is the next generation of college students - currently aged 11 to 17 years old. They consider technology in the classroom essential to nurture their creativity and prepare them for their future career.

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