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04, May 2018 Resources
AppsEvents Suite Tips - How to Voice Type in Google Docs
Discover how the "Voice Typing" function into Google Docs can help teachers to save time and better manager their assessments to the students.
31, March 2018 Success Stories
Achieving equal education through Acer TravelMate B118 in Kronaskolan
Discover how Kronaskolan is trying to provide an equal education to all of its students thanks to Acer TravelMate B118.
31, March 2018 Success Stories
Acer TravelMate Spin B118 prepares Hämeenkylä school's students for their future
Through Acer TravelMate B118, Acer and Microsoft are helping Hämeenkylä school's students to better prepare for their future working lives!
06, April 2018 Learning skills
How EduTech can support Health Education
EduTech tools could be a fundamental support also in Health and Physical Education, helping teachers to learning healthy behaviours to their students.
04, April 2018 Resources
AppsEvents Suite Tips – Acer Chromebook 15
Discover how to get the most out of Chromebooks and Google Sheets, taking advantage of the Explore tool to better manage school data.
29, March 2018 Education Trends
Gamification in Education: the future of learning
Discover why teachers should integrate a gamification approach in their lessons to create a more effective learning experience.

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