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20, May 2019 Success Stories
Acer Chromebooks & Google Classroom: a teaching dream becomes reality in the Voltaire School in Potsdam
A teaching dream came true in the Voltaire School in Potsdam: Acer Chromebooks are used in classrooms as much as notebook and pen.
23, April 2019 Learning skills
[Infographic] Time management in K12 education: 8 ways to achieve it with technology
Technology should not take your time. It should make extra-time for you. Here 8 efficient tips and tricks to make it happen!
19, April 2019 Learning skills
How EdTech can improve math lessons
So much more than calculators: enjoy math lessons as never before thanks to the improvements achievable through EdTech.
12, April 2019 Learning skills
Developing problem-solving skills with EdTech
Discover all the creative ways EdTech helps students to develop and enhance their problem-solving skills.
08, April 2019 Resources
Make the switch: from Windows 7 to new Acer Windows 10 devices
Ready to switch to a better technology? Discover what you can do with new Acer Windows 10 devices and Office 365 Education!
05, April 2019 Resources
AppsEvents Suite Tips - How to improve your Gmail inbox
In the latest Tips&Tricks episode from AppsEvents, you can discover how to improve your Gmail inbox by using labels and filters!

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