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28, November 2018 Learning skills
How to help pupils to overcome school refusal
There could be many reasons why a pupil refuses to go school. And there are even several ways to help them to overcome this issue, and technology can play a key role in this.
26, November 2018 Success Stories
[Success Story] How Acer Chromebooks Allow Students To Become Content Creators
Students and teachers from Selborne Primary School (ZA) agree on Acer Chromebooks: their flexibility and ease of use make them the future of learning.
22, November 2018 Education Trends
How Education can benefit from eSports
It's proven that eSports can foster the development of both technological and soft skills, and schools should include them in their programs, so to offer students a great learning experience in a safe environment.
15, November 2018 Education Trends
Future Learning Lab: a new learning environment in Italian schools
We are happy to see that Italy is fostering the change in learning environments by developing Future Learning Labs, educational spaces equipped with all the most innovative devices and technologies.
16, November 2018 Resources
AppsEvents Suite Tips - How to annotate PDF files on a Chromebook Tab10
In the latest Tips and Tricks episode from AppsEvents you can discover how to easily annotate PDF files on an Acer Chromebook Tab10.
09, November 2018 Learning skills
The importance of fostering Social-Emotional Learning
Social-Emotional Learning isn't just for preparing students to become good professionals in their future: it's aimed at preparing them to become excellent human being.

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