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11, March 2020 Success Stories
Esports and gaming skills give students new tools – and perspectives
Knowing Mark Martin, Computer Science Lead at South Bank UTC, has been a great opportunity to showcase the skills that young gamers are learning at home.
09, March 2020 Education Trends
What will the classroom of the future look like?
Technology can reshape the design of the classroom and the core philosophies of teaching and learning in significant ways.
04, March 2020 EdTech Tips
[Texthelp Talks] How best to use tech to get pupils to explore maths through technology
Patrick McGrath strongly believes that technology applied to maths enables us to deepen learning, build better understanding and develop logical and critical thinking.
19, February 2020 EdTech Tips
[Texthelp Talks] How to build on neurodiversity to include everyone
Technology can help us embrace learners’ diversity by creating opportunities to access learning in differing ways. Check the latest blog by Patrick McGrath, EdTech Strategist at Texthelp.
17, February 2020 Learning skills
5 ways EdTech can be useful in physical education
EdTech can be useful in physical education. don't believe us? Here are 5 ways for subverting the stereotype of digital devices making children and teenagers less active.
11, February 2020 Learning skills
From STEM to STEAM learning: what is the difference?
What does it mean adding an A to STEM learning? Not just inserting art in the learning path, but developing a new and more creative education approach.

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