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21, March 2019 Learning skills
Teaching science using EdTech
According to experts, students learn more when having fun. With edtech solutions like Mixed and Augmented Reality, studying science has never been so great!
19, March 2019 Resources
AppsEvents Suite Tips - How to reset and powerwash a Chrome device
In the latest Tips&Tricks episode from AppsEvents, you can discover how to reset and powerwash any Chrome device!
27, February 2019 Education Trends
Beyond the screen: how the classroom experience will evolve
Mixed Reality, AI, IoT, Robotics: these innovative technologies are transforming edtech, helping teachers and students to go "beyond the screen"!
19, February 2019 Learning skills
How teachers can help pupils suffering from reading disorder
EdTech includes many solutions to support teachers in helping students suffering from reading disorder: discover them!
13, February 2019 Resources
AppsEvents Suite Tips - Embedding Google Drawings
In the latest Tips&Tricks episode from AppsEvents, you can learn to easily embed a Google Drawings file within a Google Docs!
11, February 2019 Learning skills
Fostering Music Education in K-12 through technology
Technology has changed the way we create and listen to music, so why should it not change the way we learn it? Find out how technology can impact on music education!

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