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06, February 2019 Success Stories
[CSR] Recycling for charity: Acer’s EMEA Campaign helps 10 institutions
We want to share with you the results of EMEA Recycling for Charity in Middle East! Discover all about the Dubai Autism Centre, one of the educational charities that we helped.
06, November 2018 Success Stories
Acer cares: EMEA Recycling for Charity
We firmly believe we must do our best to ensure a positive future to the planet and we are sure that investing in education is a powerful mean to reach this goal.
18, October 2018 Resources
[Research] Enable students’ future-readiness through EdTech
Soft skills are very important to be successful in the work life, and technology can be a great enabler, as established by this white paper from IDC and Microsoft.
30, July 2018 Learning skills
A key element in the relation with students: teaching empathy
Empathy is the underrated ability to understand and share the feelings of another. It’s a fundamental ability, for any person in any time in any context, but it’s very difficult to teach.
13, February 2018 Learning skills
Why are critical thinking and problem solving essential in today’s education?
No matter the learning subject, soft skills such as critical thinking and problem solving are fundamental in today’s education to achieve success for the future career.
21, November 2017 Education Trends
Digital Detox: educating students to an healthy use of technology
Sometimes, a Digital Detox could be necessary, especially for young students. A period of time, even in classrooms, where children can focus on social and emotional skills.

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