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12, January 2018 Education Trends
8 Education Technology Trends for 2018
Discover what will be most exiciting innovations in Education Technology in 2018.
19, December 2017 Education Trends
Cybersecurity: how to teach students to use Internet responsibly
Teachers play a key role in educating young students on how to use the Internet - and technology in general - in a responsible and safe way.
03, November 2017 Education Trends
Reconceiving Learning Spaces in The Digital Era
The 21st century is radically challenging the old concept of learning spaces. Discover how classrooms should be rethought to enhance school experience in the digital era.
20, September 2017 Learning skills
7 ideas to integrate Technology in Classroom
Technology in classroom is an absolute must since we have fully entered the digital age. Here are 7 ideas to do integrate it in an easy and engaging way.
12, September 2017 Education Trends
Back to school in the digital age: how to face the challenge
Today Back to School looks a lot different than it used to: the majority of children in schools are digital natives and are as accustomed to a tablet as they are to a pen.
02, August 2017 Innovative technologies
Acer CloudProfessor - Learn to code, Code to create!
Acer CloudProfessor is the perfect tool for integrating STEM into the schools, giving students hands-on learning experience by bringing their own innovative IoT ideas to life.

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