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12, April 2017 Success Stories
How Acer Chromebooks revealed as the best solution in Escuela Paidos, Spain
Acer Chromebooks are the best solution for schools to upgrade and enhance their educational practice. Escuela Paidos, in Spain, decided to integrate more than 150 Acer Chromebooks in its pedagogical plan.
15, March 2017 Education Trends
How education technology sharpens key skills for students’ future
Students need the right skills to operate in a society based on technology, which enters the educational context.
03, March 2017 Success Stories
[VIDEO] Gaming and studying: a new learning approach by UCC Future Classroom Lab
Combining gaming and traditional studying is a great opportunity for teachers to increase engagement with the students. This is the innovative approach of learning adopted by UCC Future Classroom Lab, in Denmark.
01, March 2017 Education Trends
Is the use of technology an attempt to prevent students’ creativity?
Technology enhances children's creative skills and, if used with consciousness, it helps them to grow and self-realize.
26, January 2017 Innovative technologies
Coding and Internet of Things: Acer’s answer to code, make and learn
Coding and Internet of Things support teachers in ensuring that students develop the right skills to succeed. Acer CloudProfessor is the first step towards smart learning, giving students hands-on learning experience.
20, January 2017 Education Trends
Is Your School Culture Ready for Education Technology?
Teachers, school administrators and IT need to collaborate if they want to bring innovation into learning technology. Three tips to pave your way into the future of education through the use of technology.

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