The floor to schools! The best case histories from schools all over EMEA, with Acer and its partners.

Success Stories

09, March 2018 Success Stories
How Acer improved learning experience of Escola Global’ students
Acer TravelMate Spin B118 definitely improved the learning experience of students of Escola Global, in Portugal.
09, February 2018 Success Stories
Visit to Escola Paidos - Sant Fruitós de Bages Spain
Discover why Escola Paidos environment perfectly reflects Acer's concept of schools of tomorrow!
30, January 2018 Success Stories
Streamlining communication thanks to Acer Chromebooks: the No 4 High School success story
Discover how No.4 High School in Rybnik, Poland, improved its everyday learning experience thanks to Acer Chromebooks.
21, December 2017 Success Stories
Acer Chromebooks changed the way of learning at the International School of Krakow
Discover how teaching has benefited from the introduction of Acer Chromebooks at the International School of Krakow.
08, December 2017 Success Stories
Visit to Ikastolas Santo Tomas Lizeoa School - San Sebastian Spain
Ikastolas Santo Tomas Lizeoa School, in Spain, is creating a personalized learning environment for each student, even thanks to Acer Chromebook R11!
01, December 2017 Success Stories
Visit to Hämeenkylä secondary school – TravelMate B118 Pilot case
We visited the Hämeenkylä secondary school in Finland on October 26th 2017. Learn about the pilot usage of Acer TravelMate B118 laptops.

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