The floor to schools! The best case histories from schools all over EMEA, with Acer and its partners.

Success Stories

26, October 2018 Success Stories
Rybnik School – Fostering collaboration with Acer Chromebooks
Kopernik School represents a best practice on how Acer Chromebooks and Google Suite for Education are a perfect mix to streamline communication flow and foster collaboration.
24, October 2018 Success Stories
Acer for Education’s Innovative School Program
Acer for Education has created the "Acer Innovative School Program" to highlight the fundamental role of schools in inspiring and educating the next generation of innovators. Discover more!
16, October 2018 Success Stories
Acer TravelMate B1, the perfect laptop to carry the Kramatorsk school in the future of education
For Kramatorsk students, looking for versatility and resistance in a device, Acer TravelMate B1 came out to be the perfect solution.
04, October 2018 Success Stories
Learning to code with Acer CloudProfessor at the PCWorld School Camp
In this video, pupils attending the School Camp organized by PcWorld used Acer CloudProfessor to start learning to code!
18, September 2018 Success Stories
Mixed Reality in Education: The Doomsday Project for the 21st Century
Mixed Reality is now a real new approach in the learning process. Here's how the Christ Church Primay School started to overturn the classroom experience of its pupils through it.
06, September 2018 Success Stories
Training the students with Acer Chromebooks and CloudProfessor: the Bon Soleil success story
Discover how the Lycée Français de Gavà Bon Soleil is preparing its students for their future career thanks to Acer Chromebooks and CloudProfessor.

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