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21, June 2019 Success Stories

Leading digital transformation with Acer: the success story from De Golfbreker

The teaching staff of the Primary School De Golfbreker, located in the small Dutch town of Koog aan de Zaan, felt the profound need to update and adapt the learning path of its students to the new ways of studying and – above all – to the new education technology devices.

For this reason, the Primary School De Golfbreker has triggered a real digital transformation process, providing students with Acer TravelMate Spin B118.

The goals of this EdTech massive adoption were very clear:

  • To let children use these devices to work in a diversified way;
  • To create a personified environment;
  • To use it as a tool to achieve the best education possible.

We think it is very important that students are getting familiar with a digital environment. As a school we must adapt to the trends of society to make sure that we can educate and prepare students for the skills they need in the future” said Hans Kroes, the Policy Officer.

Let’s discover more about this enthusiastic experience in the following video!

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