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07, November 2017 Success Stories

[CASE STUDY] Building the future with the Acer Aspire R 11

The SIKO (Stichting Interconfessioneel en Katholiek) foundation is responsible for ten Dutch primary schools, in Schiedam and Vlaardingen. These schools have a total of approximately 3,500 pupils and around 250 employees.

In the last years, this institution was looking for an upgrade and an improvement in classroom experience, both for teachers and students. “In the field of education, and certainly within SIKO, the trend is towards personalized education and therefore we wanted to adapt this trend within our IT environment” said Remke Heijmans, IT administrator of SIKO, “Some of the desktops were really in need of replacement, and we wanted to use notebooks or tablets in those locations. The question, of course, was: ‘Which products are we going to use?’”.

For SIKO and its schools, flexible work is a must, so they searched for mobile products, which could guarantee the possibility to work in any place; furthermore, another requirement was a rugged enclosure, because children would start using them in group 3, so a bit of rough treatment had to be expected. After the evaluation of different product as notebooks, 2-in-1 products and tablets, and thanks even to pupils involvement, the final choice felt on Acer Aspire R 11, and Heijmans motivated it so:

“The fact that the screen can tilt 360 degrees means you can use this device in all conceivable situations […] pupils always choose the mode that fits their task or activity at the time. Moreover, this model is strong, with a scratch- and crack-resistant display and battery life of up to eight hours, so it easily lasts the whole day.”

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