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13, June 2019 Success Stories

Building a better future for Malealeas’ youth: the role of Acer

Malealea is a rural community, located in the Makhaleng valley in southern Lesotho, where most families still live without electricity and Internet access remains expensive and unreliable for most residents.

Glenn Jones has a lodge in this area, and since 2017 is collaborating with the Malealeas Development Trust to help the people living in this rural area to have a better future.

This development trust has 4 main focuses, and one of these is obviously education, so they decided to involve Acer as the main partner for the Malealeas Development Trust Computer project: its goal is to find a way to provide technology to underprivileged students, helping them to access an online learning environment.

The first necessary step regarded the place: some of the buildings in the lodge were turned into classrooms and equipped with Acer Chromebooks. Furthermore, everything is solar powered so there is no need for electricity. This allows pupils and teachers to be able to use the technology and keep the notebooks powered all day.

However, watch the video below and discover how Acer is collaborating with the Malealeas Development Trust to help the local youth to build a better future!

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