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16, October 2018 Success Stories

Acer TravelMate B1, the perfect laptop to carry the Kramatorsk school in the future of education

The public school in Kramatorsk, a town in the Eastern Ukraine, had a very simple necessity: to modernise its IT infrastructure, which was no longer adequate to provide pupils a learning experience suitable with the 21st Century skills.

Kramatorsk school wanted to enhance the students’ classroom experience by improving the quality of the technological devices for both students and teachers, because the computers available were definitely outmoded: not updated software, old hardware, very bad performances.

Those devices didn’t survive for a very long time in the school, requiring frequent reassortment of the IT warehouse to be capable to satisfy students’ and teachers’ needs. So, the teachers and the IT staff started looking for laptops highly resistant and durable, ideal to be used even by many students in one day and easy to carry around in the different learning spaces of the school.

The ideal solution was represented by Acer TravelMate B118, the tailored made for education laptop, which is very appreciated for its ruggedness, the long battery life and its dedicated educational tools.
Its stunning display – with a 1280×720 resolution HD 11,6” and 180-degree hinge –allows a flexible use in the classroom, while the pressure resistant screen and the spill-resistant keyboard offer to this device an undeniable durability (tested under U.S. MIL Standards). Moreover, the TravelMate B1 has been designed to keep working 13-hour days, offering students an all-day performance.

For all these reasons, Kramatorsk public school bought 97 Acer TravelMate B1 to renew the Information and Technology department, and the first feedbacks from the students and the teachers’ staff were really enthusiastic!


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