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24, October 2018 Success Stories

Acer for Education’s Innovative School Program

We live in a constantly changing world. Today there are jobs that once we could not even imagine, and technology has made it necessary for students to acquire new skills in order to find a tailored role in the job market.

Acer believes that education technology is the answer to these new needs and has always invested in this industry to allow students to have every tool necessary to be successful in their future job at their fingertips.

Schools therefore play a fundamental role in this process and shall inspire students and educate them in a complete and effective way.

Acer’s Innovative School Program

Our aim is to offer schools all the possibilities to invest in innovation and technology and thus make the students’ learning experience completer and competitive than ever before.

The Acer Innovative School Program is specifically conceived to select and support schools that have embraced Acer technology to try out new teaching and learning environments. Furthermore, it allows teachers to be part of a social network aimed at sharing best practices, learning and receiving support from peers and engaging with
Acer for Education.

With this program there are many benefits that schools can take advantage of:

  • apply for receiving demo devices in the range of two new products per year for school internal testing and usage;
  • become part of the Acer community by subscribing to our teacher social network, where you can share experiences and ideas about the teaching world, and take advantage of the magazine Acer for Education and its articles to keep up to date;
  • participate in the EMEA Teachers Advisory Council designed for accessing experts view on future education trends as well as engaging with your colleagues across countries;
  • access motivational contests and be eligible for upcoming Exchange Students programs.

In the first Teacher Advisory Council – that took place in Lisbon last Spring – we selected the first Acer Innovative Schools from 10 different countries and they are already furthering their knowledge of future education trends and engaging with colleagues from multiple countries.

But we are now ready to extend this great community: in the second Teacher Advisory Council, planned in Brussels on October 26th and 27th, 22 new schools are going to be introduced to the Acer Innovative School Program.

If you would like to become part of the Acer Innovative School program or receive specific training on how to to drive innovation in your school, don’t hesitate to contact us at!


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