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Learning skills

20, September 2018 Learning skills
How EdTech positively impacts students’ behavior
EdTech is only a tool, and it can't automatically solve students' behavioural issues. But surely it can be be a fundamental support to identify these problems.
05, September 2018 Learning skills
Why parents have to be involved in the EdTech integration process
In the learning process, also parents have to be involved, so to facilitate the adoption of Education Technology by their children.
28, August 2018 Learning skills
How to integrate EdTech in the classroom to improve the quality of teaching
EdTech can improve the quality of teaching, but first it’s very important to understand the best way to integrate it in the classroom.
10, August 2018 Learning skills
Developing Memory skills with Education Technologies
EdTech tools can be a fundamental support for pupils to develop their memory skills. Find out how teachers can improve their mnemonics methods!
30, July 2018 Learning skills
A key element in the relation with students: teaching empathy
Empathy is the underrated ability to understand and share the feelings of another. It’s a fundamental ability, for any person in any time in any context, but it’s very difficult to teach.
12, June 2018 Learning skills
How EdTech can enhance collaborative learning
Discover how EdTech can play a key role in stimulating and enhancing collaborative learning, both for students and teachers.

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