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Learning skills

19, February 2019 Learning skills
How teachers can help pupils suffering from reading disorder
EdTech includes many solutions to support teachers in helping students suffering from reading disorder: discover them!
11, February 2019 Learning skills
Fostering Music Education in K-12 through technology
Technology has changed the way we create and listen to music, so why should it not change the way we learn it? Find out how technology can impact on music education!
30, January 2019 Learning skills
Improving students’ communication skills, for their future
Communication will always be a fundamental skill, and educators have to focus first on teaching students how to communicate with other people and how to develop empathy!
18, December 2018 Learning skills
Technology can give a fundamental boost to visual literacy development
In the digital era, most of the information shared everyday are images or video. So visual literacy skills are always more required to learn how to process visual info correctly.
12, December 2018 Learning skills
The Importance of Technology to Foster Teacher Collaboration
EdTech does not impact only students: also teachers can be more connected than ever, and above all definitely improve the team working.
28, November 2018 Learning skills
How to help pupils to overcome school refusal
There could be many reasons why a pupil refuses to go school. And there are even several ways to help them to overcome this issue, and technology can play a key role in this.

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