Education is evolving: keep up with the most relevant trends we have selected for you.

Education Trends

27, September 2018 Education Trends
Enhancing the learning process through text-to-speech technologies
Text-to-speech technology works in a very simple way: it converts text into audio. It's as simple as important, first of all for students struggling with learning disabilities.
13, September 2018 Education Trends
[Research] Preparing the class of 2030
Microsoft and McKinsey & Company conducted a research, surveying teachers and students of today to find out how the future generation of graduates will be.
31, August 2018 Education Trends
“Digitale sì, digitale no”: a research to overcome digital learning’s prejudices
Many prejudices still surround education technology. Along with Impara Digitale, we conducted a research to help people understanding the benefits of digital learning on pupils' classroom experience.
03, August 2018 Education Trends
Digital Libraries, a fundamental boost in a collaborative learning environment
In a shared learning process, source materials should be so in their turn. To foster a collaborative learning experience, digital libraries are a fundamental tool.
26, July 2018 Education Trends
The blended learning approach: how it works
Blended Learning is a new teaching approach, that allows teachers to merge their traditional methods with the education technologies, so as to shape the classroom of the future.
19, July 2018 Education Trends
How to bring out each student’s skills through personalized learning
Personalized learning is a more effective teaching method than the traditional "one size fits all education", that can really enhance any students' skill.

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