Education is evolving: keep up with the most relevant trends we have selected for you.

Education Trends

22, November 2018 Education Trends
How Education can benefit from eSports
It's proven that eSports can foster the development of both technological and soft skills, and schools should include them in their programs, so to offer students a great learning experience in a safe environment.
15, November 2018 Education Trends
Future Learning Lab: a new learning environment in Italian schools
We are happy to see that Italy is fostering the change in learning environments by developing Future Learning Labs, educational spaces equipped with all the most innovative devices and technologies.
19, October 2018 Education Trends
5 ways EdTech makes learning more affordable
EdTech plays a fundamental role in making learning more accessible and affordable, both from an economic and functional point of view.
18, October 2018 Education Trends
[Research] Enable students’ future-readiness through EdTech
Soft skills are very important to be successful in the work life, and technology can be a great enabler, as established by this white paper from IDC and Microsoft.
27, September 2018 Education Trends
Enhancing the learning process through text-to-speech technologies
Text-to-speech technology works in a very simple way: it converts text into audio. It's as simple as important, first of all for students struggling with learning disabilities.
13, September 2018 Education Trends
[Research] Preparing the class of 2030
Microsoft and McKinsey & Company conducted a research, surveying teachers and students of today to find out how the future generation of graduates will be.

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