Education is evolving: keep up with the most relevant trends we have selected for you.

Education Trends

07, March 2019 Education Trends
Digital Libraries: advantages of digital sharing
Digital libraries are one of the innovations that is helping teachers and students to implement edtech in the classrooms. Here there are its main advantages!
27, February 2019 Education Trends
Beyond the screen: how the classroom experience will evolve
Mixed Reality, AI, IoT, Robotics: these innovative technologies are transforming edtech, helping teachers and students to go "beyond the screen"!
16, January 2019 Education Trends
How schools can protect students’ privacy
Nowadays cybersecurity and privacy are hot topics also in Education. For this reason, also teachers and families have to be aware of how to use Internet responsibly.
11, January 2019 Education Trends
What will be the Education Technology Trends for 2019?
How EdTech is going to change in the next months? Let's discover the trends for Education Technology in 2019!
06, December 2018 Education Trends
How Mobile devices positively impact on learning process
Mobile devices are really widespread among the youngest, so teachers should exploit them to offer their students a classroom experience closer to the real world.
22, November 2018 Education Trends
How Education can benefit from eSports
It's proven that eSports can foster the development of both technological and soft skills, and schools should include them in their programs, so to offer students a great learning experience in a safe environment.

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