Do you want to give a boost to your lessons? These experts tell you how.

EdTech Tips

14, November 2019 EdTech Tips
AppsEvents Suite Tips – How to use Google Jamboard for collaborative learning
Are you looking for a way to create really collaborative lessons in the classroom? Google Jamboard could be the solution fitting your needs. Here's how to use it, in the latest episode of Tips and Tricks from AppsEvents!
08, November 2019 EdTech Tips
[Texthelp Talks] Enabling choice and voice tools to empower students
How to focus less on teaching, transforming the education system into a "learner centric" one? Discover the benefits of enabling choice and voice to empower students.
30, October 2019 EdTech Tips
[Texthelp Talks] The role of leadership in tech decisions
"Technology should only be about three things. Teaching. Learning. Outcomes. If it’s not grounded in these, it shouldn’t be considered". These are the words of Patrick McGrath, EdTech Strategist at Texthelp.
27, September 2019 EdTech Tips
AppsEvents Suite Tips – How to screen record on Chromebooks
Discover how to screen record on Chrome browser or Chromebooks through 5 Chrome extensions, recommended by AppsEvents in the latest Tips and Tricks video.
03, September 2019 EdTech Tips
AppsEvents Suite Tips – 5 Chrome extensions you need to know about
In the latest Tips and Tricks episode from AppsEvents, find out 5 Chrome extensions you have to know to give an innovative boost to your lessons!
16, July 2019 EdTech Tips
EdTechTeam Online Courses - Getting started with your Acer Chromebook’s keyboard
Are you new to Acer Chromebooks? Watch this online course from EdTechTeam and discover the main keyboard shortcuts to make the best use of it!

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