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04, September 2018 EdTech Tips

AppsEvents Suite Tips - How to get the most out of Acer Chromebook Tab10's built-in stylus

In the latest Tips and Tricks episode, Dean from AppsEvents – which Acer is official partner for all 2018 global events – shows how to use at its best the newest Acer Chromebook Tab10the first Chrome OS tablet designed specifically for education.

This tablet is a sort of Chromebook packed into a 10 inch-wide device, and for this reason it’s a perfect device for students, easy to use in the classroom but also in other spaces. But the most loved feature of the Acer Chromebook Tab10 is the built-in stylus, a super-precise and crash-resistant pen for writingdrawingtaking notes and working accurately on the tablet screen.

In the video, Dean shows how to use it through the Squid Android app, which is great for note-taking. This app works along with Google’s machine learning app, that is able to predict where the pen is going to move next: this allows users to get a really natural digital writing experience.

Furthermore, using the classroom Android app, the stylus allows teachers to easily go in grade work, and students to complete sheets just – for example – math sheets. Other apps that provides a great writing experience are Jam Board One, that is like a collaborative whiteboard space where users can work together with other people, and AutoDraw, where users can draw sketches and the app predicts what they are drawing, suggesting them the right draw to fix on the screen.

Watch the full video below to discover how to get the most out of Acer Chromebook Tab10 and how to get a really natural digital writing experience!


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