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27, February 2020 EdTech Tips

AppsEvents Suite Tips – Discovering Google Certifications for educators

In the 21st Century school, also teachers need to keep themselves up to date, improving their technological skills to better drive students into their future. The G Suite from Google is one of the most popular – and definitely most appreciated – platforms nowadays, also in the classrooms thanks to the dedicated version. G Suite for Education can help both teachers and students to boost the learning process, but for this to happen, it is necessary to know perfectly how the various components of the G Suite work.

AppsEvents is a Global Professional Development Provider for G Suite for Education: it provides engaging and targeted ed tech training for schools and teachers using Google Apps. Through AppsEvents, a teacher can also obtain one of the four different Google certifications, all aimed at educators:

  1. Google Certified Educator – level 1: it shows that you are proficient in the use of the basic G Suite applications;
  2. Google Certified Educator – level 2: more focused on the more advanced use of core G Suite applications;
  3. Google Certified Trainer: conceived for those teachers that provide training directly to other teachers;
  4. Google Certified Innovator: it’s the most exclusive one, reserved to those teachers whi are excited to grow professionally, advocate for innovative technologies and drive school transformation.

In the latest Tips and Tricks episode from AppsEvents – which Acer is official partner for all 2020 global events – you can have an overview of the available Google Certifications!


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