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03, September 2019 EdTech Tips

AppsEvents Suite Tips – 5 Chrome extensions you need to know about

Chrome extensions are amazingly powerful tools that you can use to add functionality onto your Chrome devices. In the Chrome Web Store – on your Chrome browser – or in the Google Play Store – on your Chrome device – there’s a lot of extensions that have been proven to work well with teachers and students.

In the latest Tips and Tricks episode from AppsEvents – which Acer is official partner for all 2019 global events – you can discover 5 Chrome extensions you need to know to empower your Chrome device.

While InsertLearning and ScreenR allows you take annotations in a brand innovative way, Toby for Chrome and Tab Resize are extensions conceived to better organize tabs and links, in order to slim the information management and increase the user’s productivity. In the end, a very important extensions could be also Password Checkup by Google, an extension that everyone should install on its Chrome device (or browser) in order to protect his data.

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