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27, April 2018 EdTech Tips

An immersive learning experience: welcome to the Acer Mixed Reality Lab

Unlike virtual reality, Mixed Reality (MR) is a more immersive experience, which does not rely only on a desktop that allows students to explore a virtual environment. The MR requires the wearing of a HMD (head mounted display) and motion controller, in order to interact with the real and virtual environments digitally mixed.

For the schools of tomorrow, to visit past eras and distant planets, to shrink and explore the human body, Mixed Reality is an incredible leap forward compared to traditional teaching methods. An innovative way of learning that can help you get amazing results in all subjects, for example:

  • Science: being able to live an experience directly helps to understand the abstract concept;
  • Social Studies: being able to touch the ideas and historical experiences of literature and political events helps to fix them in the mind;
  • Art: being able to offer students the lessons of great artists anywhere in the world.

A new immersive experience of teaching and learning

For these reasons, Acer has decided to explore this technology by creating the Mixed Reality Lab in the Windows environment in Acer’s Schools of Tomorrow, developing tools that can fully exploit this new possibility. In fact, there are many new possibilities that Mixed Reality offers to the world of education:

  • Engaging: it is easier to attract students’ attention with an immersive and interactive experience;
  • Universal: it encourages interactions between students who can live a new experience in an empathic way;
  • All-purpose: with Mixed Reality, it is easier to internalize abstract concepts when you can live them;
  • Faraway worlds: it allows you to travel in time and space without time limits, coming back and going on at will.

In other words, Windows Mixed Reality provides a whole immersive experience both to students and teachers, allowing them to work and study in a collaborative classroom environment, enhancing the potential of each person involved.
There are 3 kinds of immersive experience offered by Windows Mixed Reality:

  • Immersive Learning (1 to 1): MR gives students the opportunity to receive a customized immersive learning, just with a dedicated PC in a Lab;
  • Immersive Teaching (1 to more): teachers have the chance to teach via streaming as students can watch educational materials on projector; this is ideal for remote education, in case of students who cannot attend lessons in the classroom;
  • Immersive Collaboration (more to more): furthermore, MR makes available dedicated VR social networks to allow students groups to cooperate in an immersive mode.

Discovering Acer Windows Mixed Reality Solution


Along with the Windows Mixed Reality application platform, the Acer Windows Mixed Reality Headset allows to create an incredible interactive experience. That is possible by mixing the real world with digital contents that interact with each other, and that can be manipulated at will, so the user can have full control over virtual environments and to create them.

The headset does not require any additional hardware to operate, and it is simple and easy to set up in just 10 minutes.

The headset is based in Inside-Out Tracking. This means that the tracking cameras are built into the headset and use this advantage point to look at the world and register the changes in position. There is no need to set up a special room to use the device in safety.

Nitro 5

Mixed reality requires next-generation computing power to run smoothly. Nitro 5 is the perfect device for it, combining powerful processor such as 8th Gen Intel Core i7/i5 or AMD Ryzen 7/5with super-fast DDR4 memory and a number of cutting-edge technologies, including PCIe solid state drives and advanced cooling.

The set of tools of the mixed reality lab therefore allows to live a completely immersive and innovative experience, improving the methods of learning, to enter the new era of the schools of tomorrow.


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