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EdTech Tips

24, March 2020 EdTech Tips
AppsEvents Suite Tips – Insert Media into a Google Slides
In the latest Tips and Tricks episode by AppsEvents, find out how to insert media (images, video and audio) into a Google Slides.
19, March 2020 EdTech Tips
[Texthelp Talks] How leaders should measure the success of technology
Technology represents a big change for school life but how do we measure success? It's crucial to working with partners to pilot tools and build an understanding of how best to measure effectiveness in the longer term.
10, March 2020 EdTech Tips
Google and Microsoft are giving away enterprise conferencing tools due to coronavirus
04, March 2020 EdTech Tips
[Texthelp Talks] How best to use tech to get pupils to explore maths through technology
Patrick McGrath strongly believes that technology applied to maths enables us to deepen learning, build better understanding and develop logical and critical thinking.
27, February 2020 EdTech Tips
AppsEvents Suite Tips – Discovering Google Certifications for educators
Get a look at all the Google Certifications you can acquire by attending AppsEvents bootcamp or Summit featuring GSuite for Education.
24, February 2020 EdTech Tips
Learn on the go with Acer and EdTechTeam
Explore the full range of Acer and EdTechTeam’s free, bite-sized online courses for teachers.

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