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05, November 2018 Resources
AppsEvents Suite Tips - How to use Google Drive on a Chromebook Tab10 when offline
In the latest Tips and Tricks episode from AppsEvents you can discover how to enable offline access for all the Google Drive documents on an Acer Chromebook laptop or Tab10.
30, October 2018 Resources
AppsEvents Suite Tips - How to add custom handwritten notes on Chromebook Tab10
In the latest Tips and Tricks episode from AppsEvents to discover how to add custom handwritten notes into a Google Doc using the Chromebook Tab10.
18, October 2018 Resources
[Research] Enable students’ future-readiness through EdTech
Soft skills are very important to be successful in the work life, and technology can be a great enabler, as established by this white paper from IDC and Microsoft.
13, September 2018 Resources
[Research] Preparing the class of 2030
Microsoft and McKinsey & Company conducted a research, surveying teachers and students of today to find out how the future generation of graduates will be.
04, September 2018 Resources
AppsEvents Suite Tips - How to get the most out of Acer Chromebook Tab10's built-in stylus
Dean from AppsEvents shows how to use at best the built-in stylus of Acer Chromebook Tab10, that offers a really natural digital writing experience!
31, August 2018 Resources
“Digitale sì, digitale no”: a research to overcome digital learning’s prejudices
Many prejudices still surround education technology. Along with Impara Digitale, we conducted a research to help people understanding the benefits of digital learning on pupils' classroom experience.

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