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19, July 2018 Education Trends
How to bring out each student’s skills through personalized learning
Personalized learning is a more effective teaching method than the traditional "one size fits all education", that can really enhance any students' skill.
27, June 2018 Education Trends
How active learning can enhance students’ skills
In a recent study, teachers indicated active and project-based learning the best strategies to prepare students for their future careers.
29, March 2018 Education Trends
Gamification in Education: the future of learning
Discover why teachers should integrate a gamification approach in their lessons to create a more effective learning experience.
12, January 2018 Education Trends
8 Education Technology Trends for 2018
Discover what will be most exiciting innovations in Education Technology in 2018.
19, December 2017 Education Trends
Cybersecurity: how to teach students to use Internet responsibly
Teachers play a key role in educating young students on how to use the Internet - and technology in general - in a responsible and safe way.
21, November 2017 Education Trends
Digital Detox: educating students to an healthy use of technology
Sometimes, a Digital Detox could be necessary, especially for young students. A period of time, even in classrooms, where children can focus on social and emotional skills.

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