Lycée Français de Gavà Bon Soleil is a French school founded in 1969 in Gavà, a town near Barcelona. Nowadays, the school has more than 1200 students from preschool to Baccalaureat. It is based on a multi linguistic teaching system that gives great importance to new technologies and doing sport from an early age.

The adoption of Acer Chromebooks allowed to renew the IT infrastructure

Before 2015, students had to bring their laptops to school to be able to use them in class. At that time not all students could afford to take their devices to class, and that hindered the teacher’s job to create fun and entertaining activities using technology. Then, the school bought 60 Acer Chromebooks and, since then, teachers and students have become used to working with computers in the classroom environment, which has enhanced and enriched the lessons due to all the advantages technology provides.
Speed was one of the main issues that teachers and students had to face in the past, as standard computers tended to take a couple of minutes to start up, but with Chromebooks, this time is reduced to seconds, which allows to assign a realistic timing into practice sessions.
Today, Bon Soleil school has 120 Acer chromebooks which each student can use in class, with their unique Google account. That makes it easier for teachers to share content with students using platforms like Google Drive and Google Classroom, setting tasks and deadlines, assessing online and correcting Google documents, giving feedback to their pupils about their different projects, etc.


Learning to code thanks to Acer CloudProfessor

Teaching Programming in school has always been a challenge. That is why the Cloud Professor resulted to be the best device to introduce students to the amazing world of Coding and Programming. It allows educators to teach Programming using Arduino Blockly and dive into real code programming with JavaScript. In addition, students can experiment with programming using tablets or smartphones.
Finally, one of the main advantages that Cloud Professor is its accessibility: being able to easily connect new sensors and actuators to the main board makes building projects much more reliable during school time.
On balance, for all these reasons teachers of Bon Soleil strongly believe that working with Acer products is an asset that not only benefits the school community at all levels, but, as an essential learning tool, it also helps them to develop the 21st century way of teaching, where the student discovers and learns in autonomy while the teacher only has to manage the class, which allows students to improve their critical thinking skills, essential skills for success in life.

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