The Ferenc Földes Secondary School, located in Miskolc, Hungary, is considered a pioneering school from the Information&Technology point of view, having been offering IT classrooms since 1970. So, thanks just to an over thirty years experience, the teaching staff of this school is deeply aware of the importance of staying up-to-date about the latest innovations in the education technology field.

Fort this reason, in the last months Ferenc Földes Secondary School equipped its IT laboratories with Acer CloudProfessor, in order to teach students the language of the future: coding.

Acer CloudProfessor is the Acer hardware starter kit for students to make and learn Internet of Things coding. It’s very easy to assemble and use: “You barely need any skills to begin with. The skills you do need are patience and logic: the kit provides everything else” said one of this school’s students. Moreover, it’s very funny to use, offering students a brand new and more engaging learning experience.

The main task of teachers is “to guide the process and their knowledge in a direction that will benefit the whole of society and maybe even science as well”, said Veres Pál, Principal of Ferenc Földes Secondary School, acknowledging that Acer Cloud Professor “can also teach students about the usefulness of IT everyday life.

In the video below you can find all the teaching staff and students’ feedbacks about their experience with Acer CloudProfessor!


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