2 partners, 22 products, 2 classroom management tools and 4 innovative solutions for 8 school environments.

Here is Acer’s schools of tomorrow. Are you ready to dive in?

Discovering Acer products exploring school environments

The new digital education brochure from Acer for Education is available. Its interactive format will let everybody explore every single school environment in order to find the best solution for their needs.

What is the school of tomorrow? First of all, it is an environment where every teacher or member of school personnel can have access to technology with the aim to improve their everyday teaching tasks. This is why people interested in Acer for Education products or solutions shall explore new solutions available for their teaching alongside the exploring of school environments. An example? After you choose “Chrome” or “Windows Pro”, you will arrive in a school hall where you will be able to open many doors.

Visiting Windows Pro environment

Let’s say you choose to open the “classroom 1” door in the Windows environment.

You will see a nice set of custom illustrations with a teacher and some students while they’re having a class. On the teacher’s desk you will notice a notebook. Which one will it be? Just click on the green circle with the “+” in it, and you will get to the downloadable PDF of Acer TravelMate P648.

Did you also notice that the little girl is using a laptop? Exactly, she’s using an Acer TravelMate Spin B118. In this case there are two green circles: one will direct you to the downloadable PDF of the product, and the other one will let you see the unboxing video of it, so you can discover every single characteristic of this versatile laptop suited for every school activity.

This is just one of many examples of things you can discover thanks to Acer’s interactive brochure. Many innovative solutions have come in 2018, and get ready to explore with us the benefits of technological solutions in the classroom with further articles about our interactive brochure.

Click on the image below to explore the Acer for Education world:


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