What a day on October 10th!

We were in San Sebastian and visited Ikastolas Santo Tomas Lizeoa School.

This school is part of the Foundation Ikastolas and it counts up to 1700 students, covering both Primary and Secondary classes.

The school characterized the educational approach in the last five decades with an innovative spirit, focusing on new methods to improve their students’ performances and favor their personal development at all levels: academic, social, physical and emotional.

First thing highlighted is the main change moving from a book with sequential contents to owned structured contents to support teacher daily activity.

This methodology, together with a technological platform called XTend, allows teachers to support each of the students with a personalized learning approach. Indeed XTend platform is based on a personalized learning environment for students to generate their own itinerary and providing intelligence for decision making: an open digital content with methodologies that fosters students’ motivation and engagement with their own learning process, and a social website for each faculty, designed for teachers to prepare classes with simple and intuitive content creation and modification tools. All this combined with Acer Chromebooks R11, the perfect companion for students, as perfectly fits both for pedagogical and personal environment.

How far did the students go about the computer of the future? It was all about holographics & holograms! Isn’t it so amazing?

Take a look at the pictures and if you’d like to know more get in touch with us!

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