One of main Acer for Education‘s goals in the disruptive technology revolution is to fundamentally challenge the conventional teaching methodology, bringing innovative solutions to the schools of tomorrow and providing students with the 21st Century skills they will need in their future career.

Empowering students’ mindsets towards computing thinking and problem solving in daily life play a key role in helping them to develop new approaches, and the latest innovations in Education Technology are the fundamental tools to nurture this.

CloudProfessor is Acer’s STEAM based IoT (Internet of Things) starter kit combining hardware, software and the Cloud. It’s the Acer’s solution to provide students an easy way to learn coding and programming, the new language of the digital age.

In addition to this, through the Acer CloudProfessor solution, students can experience different aspects of a cloud and IoT environment through Acer’s own cloud platform. This allow students to play, create and safely explore the world of coding and connected devices.

To help students and teachers to learn about IoT and the CloudProfessor, Acer has created a set of 30 lessons with all you need to get started and further explore the many possibilities of the CloudProfessor.

All the lessons are available in English; the first 10 are available also in Dutch; the first 6 are available also in Italian and Spanish.

Below you can find a link for each language: click on your language and download all of the available CloudProfessor lessons!


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