To complete its education ecosystem, Acer is partnering with pedagogical software companies. In the field of STEM, Acer is working closely with GeoGebra. GeoGebra combines interactive geometry, algebra, calculus and statistics in one easy-to-use app for all levels of mathematics education.

GeoGebra is free for students and teachers and can be installed in a minute on an Acer PC.

GeoGebra is perhaps the most widely used mathematics software and curriculum service in Europe and indeed worldwide. With a growing community of students and teachers creating and collaborating to support improved learning outcomes, GeoGebra has become the focus of more than 500 research projects in the last 4 years alone. GeoGebra continuously tracks innovations in dynamic mathematics pedagogies to inform the software development roadmap and curriculum services to its community.


National STEM education innovations such as the Hungarian Geomatech STEM education project  and examinations and curriculum services in countries throughout Europe are providing significant positive learning effects, in addition to increasing access and raising awareness of STEM education. With more than 1 million freely available ready-to-use curriculum materials created and shared by its community on the GeoGebra STEM social network platform, GeoGebra continues to lead the way in increasing access for millions of students and teachers to the tools and curriculum needed for a solid foundation in mathematics education.

Quick Facts

  • Geometry, Algebra and Spreadsheet are connected and fully dynamic
  • Easy-to-use interface, yet many powerful features
  • Authoring tool to create interactive learning materials as web pages
  • Available in many languages for our millions of users around the world
  • Open source software freely available for non-commercial users

Try it:!


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