In the latest Tips and Tricks episode, Dean from AppsEvents – which Acer is official partner for all 2018 global events – shows how to get the most out of Acer Chromebook 15 also when you have no Internet access.

People nowadays are often on travel, so they could have the need to keep on using their laptop, even offline. On any Chromebook, this need comes simply true: indeed, all the apps which are part of the Google Suits – Gmail, Gdrive and more – have a dedicated option among the settings, which allows users to set the possibility to use them offline.

Furthermore, to make a travel on a plane or on a train more pleasant, also services like Spotify and Netflix can be used offline: users can easily download the Android app version on their laptop, then download the music or the movies they would like to watch during the travel, so to listen or watch what they want, without using Internet traffic.

Watch the video below to discover how Acer Chromebook 15 is just as versatile when it’s offline as it is when it’s online!

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