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Learning skills

01, February 2018 Learning skills
Eye Health: what teachers can do to safeguard young students
Eye Health is a serious concern when integrating technology in the classroom, and here are 5 tips on how teachers can safeguard their students' eyesight.
16, January 2018 Learning skills
How EduTech can help teachers save time
Discover how teachers and educators can take advantage of EduTech to increase their productivity and better manage time in the classroom.
07, December 2017 Learning skills
How EduTech could prevent Social Anxiety in the classroom
Educators have an important role in teaching students how to properly use technology, giving them a balance and options with their devices.
11, October 2017 Learning skills
How EduTech can help students suffering from ADHD
School is usually a struggle for children with ADHD. Here’s a list of some technological tools to help them in their learning process.
20, September 2017 Learning skills
7 ideas to integrate Technology in Classroom
Technology in classroom is an absolute must since we have fully entered the digital age. Here are 7 ideas to do integrate it in an easy and engaging way.
11, August 2017 Learning skills
How teachers can use technology to develop Creative Learning
Technology can be a strong vehicle to help teachers bringing out creative values from students. Developing a Creative Learning approach, educators can use technology to activate, blend and strengthen multiple inner skills in their classrooms.

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