Digital signage is one of the major technological trends of this year, thanks to its incredible versatility and its ability to amplify the effects of classic signage. 

Acer Being Signage (ABS) embodies all the activities related to this field, providing suitable solutions for every context, from the products to the infrastructures themselves, obviously providing an after sales support.

How Acer Being Signage works

Acer Being Signage offers a 360-degree solution to meet all the needs of cutting-edge schools, by providing the tools that can facilitate the process of learning, sharing and engaging with teachers and their students. Acer follows institutions step by step in the four main aspects for optimal digital transformation of smart schools.


Acer Being Signage allows to design, plan and monitor all the digital signage operations of the school, planning the publication of the contents in the various screens and recording which are the most crowded environments for a greater school organization with Audience Rating. The software picturemachine4 ™ also simplifies the creation of images that will appear in digital signage.


Acer Being Signage offers a wide variety of products to meet different structural needs, from screens of different sizes to powerful media players. Different solutions depending on the type of scenario or multimedia format that you want to recreate, thus enriching the life of the students with clearer and easier to understand information.


Thanks to Acer Cloud, local messages can be changed around the clock, and all data is protected in absolute safety. Acer’s certified servers are protected by the latest technology to guarantee total privacy for the school.


Acer technicians will always be at your side, both in the installation and design phases and in the monitoring and planning phases, thus offering the best service as possible and the best performance of digital signage. A constant help to support the work of teachers and the age of students’ learning. 

Therefore, Acer Being Signage can satisfy more than one need in schools:


Acer Digital Signage can help to display updates about  conventions, sports, extracurricular activities, book store  promotion, social responsibilities and communicate daily  menu, nutritional information and healthy food choices  promotion.


Being Audience Rating by Acer helps to monitor the flow of crowded areas such as cafeteria and auditoriums. It is also able to analyze the flows themselves to improve the services of the schools.


One of the fundamental aspects for schools is the protection of the health of children and teachers. The crowded environments require a constant analysis of the air quality and Acer makes it available thanks to AirMonitor service, able to measure the temperature, humidity, the rate of CO2, PM2.5 and PM10.


Thanks to ID recognition it is possible to exploit the technology with QR code to show personalized information based on the student ID, such as the study plan, lessons’ calendar, nutritional information and much more.

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