Education is evolving: keep up with the most relevant trends we have selected for you.

Education Trends

30, July 2019 Education Trends
6 benefits of the Flipped Classroom model
Have you ever flipped your classroom? This is a brand new method of teaching which offers several benefits both to teachers and students.
09, July 2019 Education Trends
Gaming disorder: how teachers can help students develop a healthy approach
Find out how teachers could promote a responsible approach to Esports in Education through a moderate introduction of gaming, preventing it from becoming a disorder.
26, June 2019 Education Trends
4 ways EdTech can bridge the gap with future careers
Preparing students for their after-school life may seem daunting, but it does not have to be. Check these 4 ways EdTech can bridge the gap with future careers.
19, June 2019 Education Trends
What teachers can pull out from learning analytics
Students are much more than the average of their grades. That's why learning analytics could definitely improve teaching!
10, June 2019 Education Trends
[Infographic] Millennials vs Generation Z: how education is evolving
Millennials vs Generation Z, books vs notebooks: spot all the differences in the learning experience of these two generations!
07, June 2019 Education Trends
[Acer notes] Gear up for Esports in Education with Acer
Who says you can't play videogames at school? Esports are the new frontier in education and Acer is the best travelling companion in this disruptive journey.

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